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What is digital commerce?

Digital commerce is an action of online shopping or selling of items on your digital shop or over the Internet. It is a fully automated process of eCommerce services. Digital commerce includes people, technologies, and business processes to execute enhanced eCommerce, analytics, promotions, pricing, customer experience, retention, and all shopping channels, regardless of where customers’ shopping journey starts and ends.

Why is digital commerce important?

Digital commerce can deliver invaluable customer data when used with the right tools. By exploiting customer data, you can provide a more personalized customer experience across all channels. Customer data allows brands to reach new customers, build loyalty with existing consumers, and improve overall sales. 

What is an eCommerce business?

Digital commerce is a business model that moves quickly and dynamically. It enables a business to scale and provide a personalized experience to customers. It’s data-driven and omnichannel. You can reach your digital shoppers wherever they are, on their preferred devices.

Digital commerce sells products and services to consumers in a self-service or interactive experience that increasingly transforms companies’ business.

Digital commerce has many different business models. The most popular is business-to-consumer (B2C) digital commerce. It involves bringing two parties together, with a third-party website facilitating the transaction. However, this e-commerce business model could be more stable than traditional setups.

In addition to selling products and services, businesses also offer subscription-based solutions, such as SaaS applications. These business-to-business deals are typically more significant, less frequent, and require no human interaction. Examples of B2B digital commerce include collaboration tools and automation software products.

eCommerce development services

Invertus is client-focused, creating strategic digital shopping solutions that deliver tangible business results. It offers full-service of e-commerce strategy, development, and services. PrestaShop, Shopware, and Sylius are our platforms of choice for e-commerce, so an e-commerce solution built by Invertus can be relied on to be scalable, reliable, and secure.


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