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What is eCommerce experience?

The eCommerce experience is a segment of your all-around customer experience. It represents how your customers interact with your brand online and offline. It is worth mentioning that customer experience is a total of cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioral consumer responses during all stages of the shopping process, including pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase.

How can the customer experience be improved online?

E-commerce customer experience management is a strategy of online techniques and technologies. It processes a company uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the brand meeting or exceeding customer expectations, thus, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. This begins when a person first sees your product online or lands on your site, to each interaction with your brand in between, and goes through the post-purchase stage. 

Customers are no longer satisfied with just products, and to stay ahead, businesses need personalized experiences that set them apart from the rest. Providing exceptional customer experience through an e-commerce store is a certain way for businesses to succeed.

E-commerce experience tools

Shoppers demand personalized customer experiences, and it is more than just marketing, as it is usual to think about personalization. Personalization is about data, the relationship between brand and customer, and the ability to offer your customers what they want, search for, and think of. So, to provide a better and more personalized customer experience, use e-commerce tools, such as SALESmanago personalization tools. 

You’re mistaken if you think digitalization products are not connected with customer experience. When you implement and develop an e-commerce solution for your business, even system integration may be associated with your eCommerce experience, like Connect product. 

Don’t isolate any process of your whole business, but integrate every system you own into your own smooth ecosystem solution for your eCommerce experience. Contact us if you think business digitalization is what you need right now for a brighter future with fewer struggles and issues. 


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